Saturday, May 17, 2008

Take a deep breath

I can totally relate. Okay, so I made it through the first television interview. Although my body was pretty calm I felt as if my brain was spinning. The week before, I had to send in 5 questions that the interviewer would ask me so I knew what was coming. For me, the preparation was part of the problem...I wanted to answer in a witty yet conversational style and impress everyone around me with my candor.
All the years of doing plays came flooding back to me and the stage fright I began to have in the last years of performing. When they handed me the script 30 minutes or so before showtime I looked at the first question,"What inspired you to write these books?" and my head started spinning. "What books?" I thought to myself...."I wrote books? Why did I write them?"
Anyone got any Ritalin around here?
Anyways, the interview went well...of course, I could be a pit bull and tear myself apart...but why bother? The next one I will probably enjoy more and the one after that will be amazing. Just brushing up my interview skills before I sit down and chat with Oprah.


Anonymous said...

You were GREAT!!!!!! You looked adorable and relaxed and just like you... which is great! You are already a pro!

India said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you...maybe I won't need that shot of tequila before next week's interview?!