Monday, May 26, 2008

suit season

I've never been a big fan of swimsuit season. Although I'm getting better, I just don't like the idea of "dressing to swim" unless it just happens to be in your own backyard (my Scottsdale days). This suit would be a real possible and high on the list if I were to choose a suit...thanks to Norma Kamali swimwear and for Patricia Field, the costume designer for "Sex and the City," for bringing it to my attention. But, for the $350 price tag...I'd rather buy something that covers up more than just my upper torso.


Jessie said...

I miss the days of having a backyard pool, too! (In Scottsdale, nonetheless.) I just saw your comment on Sarah's post on suburbia... and i grew up in Arcadia. I live in the downtown of another city now, but will always call Arcadia home.

Love your blog, btw!

India said...

If I'm going swimming...I want to know who else I'm swimming with (total germ-o-phobe). You and your husband look adorable...and what fun to explore and adventure a new city!

Jennifer said...

I totally love this. Gorge.