Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Good Day for The Cupcakes Club

Here we go again! Another interview, another 6-7 minutes to get totally freaked out and think how having a shot at 10:30 in the AM to ease the nerves doesn't really seem that early :" Coming up on "Good Day Arizona"
Monday, June 2
We'll talk heart health with Dr. Ted Diethrich from the Arizona Heart Hospital.
Also, a great outlet for teens and tweens founded right here in Arizona. We'll introduce you to The Cupcakes Club.
Plus, we'll look at fun things to do with the family this summer with Starwood Lodging. "

If you're in the Arizona area....11:00 AM, 3TV, KTVK...wish me luck!


suzannemarques said...

there's a reason jay leno provides a bar to his guests before the show.. it takes the edge off nerves.

one shot can't possibly hurt! :)

have fun!!!

benson said...

tanks mz. really did make me calm down...hiccup. Hey- it's hard to "write drunk" :)I'm just going to take a few deep breaths and pretend I'm with friends...lots and lots of friends. What am I going to be like if go outside of Arizona?!

suzannemarques said...

you will be great. you are so cute & have charm!!!! the essential element.

if you come to LA, i'll hold your hand, or at least send supportive texts your way!

carla said...

Ive been searching.
and finally hath caved and am posting this here where I know it isnt *quite* the place.

how may I toss my tween writing hat in the ring to ghost write for the fabulous cupcakes?

I hath clips galore.

won one award (I know, ONE. But babysteps to greatness right?).

would do whatever it takes.

Carla Birnberg

Sarah's Fab Day said...

I'm bummed I didn't know about this earlier, I totally would have watched. Hopefully it went wonderfully. :)