Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Arizona Cupcakes Club interview

Here's a play by play in pictures of our Arizona interview. I love that my "cupcake girl" Michaela could be with me as it eased many tensions and BTW she was so calm and cool (much more so than this Cupcake). It was a long segment and there was zero preparation before we began...which kind of throws you and put you at ease all at the same time. I was feeling like I was an amazing Jim Carrey with the amount of faces I was making during the interview,but on the bright side...I'm really fun at parties.



suzannemarques said...


the first time i looked into a camera i left the room. it's a big deal!

wishing you many more. it just gets better from here! :)

benson said...

Thank you Suzanne! This interviewing experience might make for a chapter in one of my books...Butterflies on Cupcakes!

suzannemarques said...

love it!!!