Tuesday, May 20, 2008

School's OUT!

...or at least it will be in about 36 hours or thereabouts where I live.
I always find it amusing that kids think they're pulling one over on the teacher at their elementary school...like they get a summer but you don't. Little do they realize that teachers are more excited than they are for summer!
A break in the action, a season of sleep, a time to travel and rejuvenate. I'm totally into the non-scheduled activities and am SO READY for a break, but this year it's a little bittersweet to see some of the fifth graders at my school head off to sixth grade and middle school in the fall.
There has been a group of fifth grade girls at my school that I've "grown up" with since they were in the first grade. I have helped them learn how to read, played with them at recess, and enjoyed the friendships they've shared together almost as much as when I was their age. This group of girls was a big part of the inspiration for The Cupcakes CLub children's book series I am writing and I'll miss seeing them nine months out of the year. Hopefully they'll remember The Cupcakes and think fondly of their 5Th grade year.
What about you? Did you ever have a teacher that you remember for one reason or another...? Mine was Mr. Grimmer, high school social studies, and my heart sings when I think of him because he challenged me. He always wanted me to do my best and let everyone know that I was. I hope you have the best summer ever, Mr. Grimmer.

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