Tuesday, April 1, 2008

cupcakes anyone?

My first publicity article and I'm feeling a little bit like Charlotte/Sex and the City in regards to her wedding picture in The New York Times. I'm not sure what it was (and thankfully it disappeared on the hard copies) but I wasn't eating popsicles that day nor did I put my lipstick on in a dark closet...
Enjoy the memories:
It’s here!
Not just her wedding day, but The New York Times.
Oh, my God! I have a moustache.
it’s an ink stain. But look at me. Now, that is a terrific smile.
This is a nightmare!
it’s probably just our paper. Anyway, who cares?We’re getting married today!
I look like Hitler!I’m having a Jewish wedding and I look like Hitler!
Hello?In your paper do I have a moustache?What?in your wedding section, does it look like I have a moustache?
Hang on a minute.As I feared, my fling had become a pain in the neck.You do not look like Hitler.Frito Bandito, maybe.The bad luck is starting already.Yeah.There’s a little something…but maybe it’s just my paper.And your paper.

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