Thursday, April 24, 2008

"Carrie-d" away

Wore this silk peony on a black vest over a graphic tee with jeans and you would have thought I was wearing a ball gown to the office.
Finally, it was a relief when one person said "hey, did you know the movie is coming out at the end of May?" and I thought....atleast someone gets it. I wasn't having a flashback of going to Homecoming in senior year of high was a Carrie-wannabe moment.


Anonymous said...

saw you that day..... talked in the driveway for an hour...... loved the flower. I think we sold some very like it at LB back in the day. I saw the preview of Sex and the City....... It looks Fantastic!! I can't wait!!! PS who loves your new green print shirt from Boden? I do!!!!!

India said...

okay...started reading the comment you left and felt a little freaked out :) "saw you that day..." I started thinking...oh my gosh, I have a stalker! And then, of course, I realized it was you girlfriend!!! We MUST see the movie when it comes out (and I'll wear the flower!)