Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I am addicted to this girl's blog. We really have zero in common besides the fact I can only WISH I had her legs but I find her so intriguing...so hip and cool.
Her name is Camille, she posts as childhood flames, and basically the blog is about what she wears that day. Or, what she wants to wear or who she wants to look like fashion wise or what she wants to buy.
Her profile states "...fashion and life belonging to a teenage girl stuck in suburbia."
I'm hoping it's the latter part of the teens and not a thirteen year old with that much attitude.

I can remember at college when my sorority sisters and I would party at "Gin Mill" where the beer was flowing, disco was playing, and people were singing and dancing like drunken fools.

Every once in a while we would travel to another bar, "The Pace" but it was like a foreign land...the intellectual, mysterious crowd gathered to discuss the meaning of life, in dreamlike clothing with a style all their own, drinking red wine or scotch, listening to obscure bands I had never heard of and totally engrossed in conversation.
I think if I traveled back in time to The Pace today Camille would be there.
Although in reality I do realize that if I did revisit The Pace it would probably be just another bar in another college town and Camille just another teenager. But, I would still wish I had her legs.


Anonymous said...

SHE'S FIFTEEN!!!!! Hey, DB, you've gotten me addicted to another one now. Do you think she reads the Sartorialist? SC

India said...

Sart is on her "faves" list...and I'm sure she's going to grow another few inches (torso?or more of those gorgeous legs) but, how fabulous that she is so into fashion at her age. I remember Laura wanting to "editor of Vogue" when she was 11 or 12...gotta love that drive!