Tuesday, April 15, 2008

feels so good

I had a massage today and so tonight I can confidently say that "Yes! I DO have a neck!" It's hard to believe that at one time in my life the thought of a massage totally freaked me out. I was a massage virgin.

It wasn't just the lying naked on a bed while someone else who I had just been introduced to started rubbing my body although that did give me the willies. Truth be told it was the guilt factor. How could this person allow me to have such relaxation while they did the work. Yes, they would be paid for their services but it just made me feel bad for them. Then, one day, I realized (after my massage therapist explained) that massage therapists actually get massages from other people as well...snip,cut, I was free from guilt.

The first time was intimidating yet intriguing, frightening but full of wonder...I was lucky to have a very gentle, sensitive, and kind massage therapist. She totally walked me through it and allowed me all the privacy I needed during our first hour session. I was hooked. I became a massage-o-maniac...I started booking massages twice a month and loved it.

Now, once a month massages are good. Enough but not too much and lets me look forward to the next....can hardly wait till next month.


suzannemarques said...

ooh. i love a massage! it is intimidating at first... having someone's hands all over you... but once you can relax and enjoy it, aren't they lovely?!!!

benson said...

...and reflexology for your feet...I turn into jell-o.