Friday, April 18, 2008

I don't get this

I don't get's not funny to's not real life to me. If I were watching all this happen to a friend's car, a co-worker's car, a car I had no idea who it belonged to--I would be freaking out, yelling, telling anyone else in shouting distance to come and see what was happening. I don't get this.
I also detest the VW commercial with the horn blowing. I don't get that one either. Is the car sold and the sales people honk the horn for fun at potential customers to keep them away from the car? Do they think that potential customers will be amazed with a horn on a car? If the car is not sold...why honk the horn? Why do they want to confuse this couple? I don't get it.


suzannemarques said...

i don't like commercials that only go for shock value. it's like the allstate ads that take you down an innocent path, like the couple heading to the theater, talking about their tickets, when they are t-boned & asking each other if they are okay.

what happened to humor & wit to lure buyers?!

benson said...

Give me something funny and I won't fast forward through it!