Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Mayday! Mayday!

I feel like I'm in high school again and the teacher just handed me my homework and said "you started out so well, what happened?"
(and trust me, dear reader, I am proud to say that conversation never happened in my high school years...now, college...another story.)
I just took a look at my blog stats for February, March, and April. I started out like gangbusters with blog after blog in the beginning and it looked like I would take "Blog-Race" by storm (there is a competition with blogs isn't there?? Color me obsessive-competitive).

But now, I can hear the imaginary announcer say: "and it's March, her second month out and it looks like...no,no...yes,yes, she is. She is starting to slow down. Oh boy, this is not good. If she's going to get readers and keep the ones she's got, she needs to keep the keys a clackin"(and that would be my imaginary 1940's announcer voice and jargon...thinking of William H. Macy with a hat)
I am almost embarassed by my lack of April posts. Did I stop for for a drink or two (which is always a nice idea...but not in Blog-Race), watch too many reality shows? What's a girl to do?
Well, I'll tell you. In May, I will do my best to pepper this blog with amusing anecdotes, stories that make you go hmmmmmm, and I'll even throw in a bit or two of historical fiction just for the fun of it. Now, mind you, I'm heading to the hills of Tuscany for a little summer break at the end of our fifth month but I will do my best to keep the computer keyboard humming until then. Keep tuned in boys and girls... we'll have lots to talk about.

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