Friday, May 18, 2007


Ah, the words that stir the hearts of churchgoers's the annual pot luck. Now, for those of you that are not familiar with such a term it's when all that are invited bring a dish to share with others. You show me yours, I'll show you mine sort of thing.
At my place of employment there was a salad potluck with a buffet of salads to cool off the hungry employees for a lunchtime treat. I actually like this idea because no one can really screw up a salad, can they? Even if you're brainless you can buy a complete salad kit in a bag, bring a bowl...bada bing,bada got yourself a salad to share.
The day of the salad potluck arrives and I'm setting up the bowls of salads, adding dressings if needed, fluffing and tossing up a lunchtime to wow buffet.
In walks employee #1 and asks if she can fill her plate now because her lunchtime was booked. I said "sure, go ahead and if you need to do anything special to the salad you brought...feel free." Employee #1 says "Oh, I didn't bring a salad" and proceeds to load her plate with the other responsible people's salads!! See you later, freeloader.
Then, employee #2 comes in with a small plastic container about the size for a sandwich . Okay, I thought, it's not going to feed the entire staff but atleast she brought something. She opens it up and its a cut up apple. One frickin apple. She asks me if I think she should put some lemon juice on it because she does have a half of a lemon that she could use. I work with nutjobs by the way. Again, watching from a distance, I see her and her husband (one apple brought for the two of them) loading up for the day. And the joy of all this is when the husband goes and takes a dump in the office public bathroom just to let all of us know that he had a good lunch.
Potlucks use to be a competition of sorts. "You gotta go try Margaret's pie!" "Did you taste Dottie's meatloaf?!" It was always entertaining to see who would bring what and to try something new. Do your part, potluckers of the them at the buffet.

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