Saturday, May 12, 2007

A feature or a flaw?

I would say I have the gift of above average voice recognition. I will always be the one to ask if you recognize the celebrity voice on a commercial or the star that is narrating a documentary. And the most recent Charlotte's Web with all the animals talking in voices? Easy peasy.
Recently a friend from college who had consumed one too many alcoholic beverages called me up and said "lissen...I bet you won't know who this is" and handed the phone to a blast from the past voice on the other end. I totally knew it was Liz from my sorority college days and I had not even thought of her for years and years. I would consider this gift a husband who needs total concentration during movies and does not want to be bothered...a flaw.
I also have amazing cell phone etiquette. I know when to talk in public places and when to say "I'll call you back later". I look with disdain at those people who talk about private matters at the grocery store or who do not acknowledge the Starbucks counter girl because they are too busy yammering on about their daughter's soccer game the night before. Can you actually feel comfortable talking to whoever about whatever in a doctor's silent waiting room filled with more people than you can count on your fingers and toes?
But then again, those people who have this ability to spill their guts in public places perhaps consider it their best feature. I consider it a flaw....unless of course I can recognize their voice.

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