Monday, May 7, 2007

The nose knows

Did you know that your sense of smell triggers amazing memory recognition? Were you also aware that in most cases your sense of smell will become accustomed to a new odor within 4 seconds (okay, okay...I know there are exceptions...)? It's amazing what some people think are good smells but other people detest. What are your favorites?
Can't you just smell your granny when some other grandma walks by wearing the same perfume? A woman at my work wears "Charlie" cologne...I didn't even know they made that anymore. One day I passed her going up the down staircase and boom! flashback to high school days. Remember a young Shelly Hack strutting her stuff wearing Charlie in the commercials? I didn't either until I smelled "Charlie" on the 60 year old coworker.
I don't like the smell of my work public bathroom after one of my male coworkers exits after lunch. Ewwwwwww...the bathroom also happens to be right off the copy, if you're planning to do any work in there after that...fuggedaboutit.
I do like the smell of the earth after a rain clean and fresh. And I love the fragrance of alyssum or sweet and heavenly. You add a glass of wine to that and it's just about perfect.
I had bought a pair of vintage French leather club chairs off of Ebay and when I brought them home and hauled them inside we detected a strange odor. When I called the previous owner he said that they had just polished them with some leather conditioner from France and that the aroma should dissipate in a few days. Unfortunately, the chairs had to spend the weekend in the garage but have since been allowed back in.
Smells, odors, aromas, fragrances...the nose knows.

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