Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Wish upon a Star

I thought they had everything on YouTube. Unfortunately not. The newest commercial from Cox Communications:
a little boy about two years old, is obsessed with Pauly the Penguin. His mom reads books to him about Pauly; he has the DVD's about Pauly; life is Pauly the Penguin to this little boy. Mom brings the little boy to actually see, live in person, Pauly the Penguin at the local mall. The two wait in line and you see the little boy sheepishly peeking around the other people to take a look at Pauly. It's time.
The little boy awkwardly climbs the steps to shake hands, to hug his hero. And there it is. The little boy turns around to his mom, frightened look in his eyes, lets out a whimper and awkwardly climbs down the steps back to mom without ever seeing the penguin. The last scene shows the little boy sitting joyfully in his stroller being pushed by mom while watching Pauly on a portable DVD player...content.
Sweet, sweet, commercial but it got me many of us are like that? Wishing for something, imagining it to be true, and when it's just about to happen...we become frightened and don't go for it. We become complacent with the dream and not the doing. Don't be content with just the wish. Believe you can do it. Go for it. Embrace your penguin.

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thanks audrey for finding the link! xoxoxo