Friday, May 4, 2007

Dance Fever

It's early AM and as I finish tying up my shoelaces I immediately grab my most necessary object for the morning IPod. It's the little "shuffle" which is perfect for me...holds just enough but not too much and easy to carry (kind of like the most perfect purse).
I admit it and I'm proud to say I do enjoy the disco on my walks, runs, and promenading around my neighborhood. I am in another place in time and to be perfectly honest if people wouldn't point and stare I would most likely dance the 2 miles rather than walk.
This recently uploaded Barry White tune is one of my all time favorites. On an early morning run in small town USA, I can become Lucy Liu (Ling) line dancing with the cast of Allie McBeal. I like that she's a little cautious but ready to jump right in...sounds like me in most circumstances. I might have picked Elaine but she doesn't wash her hands as she leaves the stall and that made me a little leery.

1 comment:

Audrey said...

so funny!! I can imagine the looks you'd get stolling down country club drive doing those "dancing queen" moves...