Sunday, April 29, 2007

Waterman,Waterman everywhere

I love stacking my rings. Along with the "wow" factor, Cathy Waterman rings just seem to look better served up two or three at a time. So, naturally when I found another Waterman ring on Ebay studded with tanzanite jewels that match the color of my eyes (*flirty flutter of eyelashes*) I knew that I would have to have it.
The ring arrived and I do love it, but I just don't like three rings stacked on my fingers on a scorcher day in Phoenix. Although I have what I like to consider "delicate" hands, my fingers swelled up like little sausages when I was outside on one of the first 100 degree days followed by another hour or two in an unairconditioned building. Unfortunately, I was left with wrestling the rings off my finger and stashing them in my bag for the day. Not so happy about this but I suppose I should look at it as my newest fall/winter accessory. Perfect! Wonder if I should do some finger crunches in the meantime...

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w said...

I love the stack of rings in that photograph! Where can I find them? (And loving your site!)