Wednesday, April 25, 2007

If you're happy and you know it

What is your passion? I'm not talking about what you and your significant other do to create passion (get your mind out of the gutter, reader) but rather what is it that makes you happy? fulfilled? complete? What is it that floats your boat? What do you love,love,love, to do? Your bliss? Your joy?
Maybe it's buying and selling on Ebay, taking photographs, writing, decorating, painting, helping others, exercising, cooking, sports....the list is endless. How fascinating that there are so many choices, so many avenues, that allow us to be delighted just by doing this thing and being joyful while doing it. And how fabulous that your passion may not necessarily be my passion yet we can still encourage each other to go after that said passion.
And perhaps this could prove to be a problem as well... do you know what you have a passion for?
Could you make a decision to go after your passion today and see how it effects your future tomorrow?
To tie this all up with a big beautiful bow and segue into why I'm writing about passions on this blog is that every passion has a story... what's yours?

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irène said...

Thanks for checking out my newish blog! And DEFINITELY check out Denwave when you are next in Portland...there are actually some other good places in that same nexus of cool as Denvave--a new lingerie boutique, a very cool "Creatures of Comfort"-esque shop called Stand Up Comedy, great faux-dive called Rontoms, insanely delicious restaurant, Le Pigeon and an edgy salon/jewelry shop/art collective, Burnside Proper. Just ask someone where "Lower Burnside"'ll have a great time spending money.

***also, check out Una Boutique on SE Ankeny**