Monday, April 2, 2007


and the newlywed's sofa

from Henredon, one of the best when it comes to sofa construction. Plush comfortable style and bought on Ebay for a fraction of the price it would have cost brand spankin new. It was given to my daughter, Audrey, and her husband, Josh (a.k.a. the newlyweds), for their apartment.
When I bought the sofa there was no clue as to where the two would live and when they found this adorable little place in Santa Barbara, CA, I thought it would be perfect.
On moving day my daughter arranged for a few of her male college friends and her fiancée to help move in (what would soon be called) the "monster" sofa to the second story apartment.
Imagine if you will:
Three men precariously balancing the upholstered beast on a metal railing while the fourth took the front door of the apartment off its hinges. It resembled a dangerous teeter-totter and with one wrong move, the sofa would come crashing down on someones parked car two floors below. Hello neighbor!
The sofa finally allowed itself to be pushed through the tiny doorway where it has remained for the last year. Happy Anniversary!
As stated, Henredon is one of the best manufacturers for upholstered pieces, but the weight + size of the monster sofa= a great auction for a Henredon sofa on the next moving day from this Santa Barbara apartment. Pick up only. Bring lots of manpower.

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