Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What's in a name?

There was a fabulous slipcovered sofa I was auctioning off in February of last year. I just felt like I wanted a change and I was going to go for it. I actually loved the sofa...deep, oversized, in a kidney bean sort of shape and great for those TV naps. Slipcovered in white denim and white matelasse with a beautiful candlelight velvet for the winter.
I posted the auction and there was a bid but before the auction ended I was having second thoughts. My husband was getting knee replacement surgery and I didn't feel like he needed any complications and movers and everything else that can go on with a furniture auction. I let "charming bungalow" (the potential buyer) know and she was very understanding and conveyed that if I ever did want to sell...she was there.
Fast forward a few months and I find a gorgeous Ralph Lauren chocolate leather sofa that a friend is offering. I love it and it would be perfect with the Spanish colonial vibe in my home. I contact charming bungalow to see if she is still interested in the dreamy slipcovered sofa I still have. She is. She's perfect. She arranges everything and it's a no brainer.
Now, here's the best part...
When we first began our emails, I found out her name was Tiffany. And when we exchanged phone numbers, etc... I see that her name is Tiffany Deimund.
I'm thinking "no, it couldn't be..." and so I just had to ask.
YES!! It was pronounced just like the mother ship of diamonds and jewelry stores.
And even better...she wasn't born with the last name! How crazy is that?!
She said that the shopgirls at the iconic jewelry store go nuts when she slaps down her charge card for a purchase. Just goes to show what can happen after a girl kisses a few frogs in her life...she ends up with a real Deimund.

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