Tuesday, November 1, 2011

stay here

When we stay in Paris we will be staying in an apartment that I found through airbnb. The recommendations of others who had rented the apartment helped in our decision and the choices were endless. From one bedroom to an entire house or apartment you can stay all over the world at a fraction of the cost of renting a hotel room.
I looked at other apartments offered through leasing agents and the "add-ons" for early arrival, extra towels, etc...just kept adding up so I like the idea of communicating with the owner at airbnb. Have you ever used them for a place to stay?


Rolerkite said...

when are you going to Paris? We stayed in apartments on our Eurotrip and it worked out really well. I found them both through tripadvisor reviews. The first one was hard to find and they had us meet them at the front door, the second apartment owner met us at a landmark and walked us to the apartment which worked out a lot better. I would suggest meeting them in an easy to find place so you aren't lost with all your luggage.

anita said...

you are living my dream...one day i'll get to paris during christmas.