Sunday, November 27, 2011

good morning!

Let's all get some donuts to start the day, shall we?
During my college years when my girlfriends and I would make sure the bars were safely and securely closed for the night (don't judge) we would swing by the local donut shop.  It was about 3 AM or so when the donuts were whizzing by us on the conveyor belts and we were drooling as each one would go by and the owner of the shop would look at us, shake his head, and bring out a dozen or so for us to feast on. Heaven.

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Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

i love donuts. great story.

i believe we all have a story to go with our love for these sugar spheres. my dad was a fire chief and when he would work the 24 hours shifts on a friday or saturday, he would always bring home a box of donuts for me and my brother. same perfectly chosen selections of our favorites: mine was the strawberry filled or chocolate glazed and my brother lived for the lemon curd filled or powdered sugar wonders. oh the memories.