Wednesday, November 23, 2011

color me crazy

Let me explain. I love to dress up. The kids and adults at my school also seem to enjoy what I wear so I thought "well if they do...maybe others would...I have a blog...why not?"
Now here's where the problem lies--I don't really like to have my picture taken. I'm uber critical about how it turns out but I also love a challenge. That being said; I decided to snap a few pics and see what would happen.
These are all done on a tripod, on a timer, with no one else around to get the groove of playing model. And yes; color me crazy. What I found out was that models have a talent. It's not just good face but knowing how to place your body to get the best's really difficult.
The last shots with the dress and black jacket were on top of the parking garage in our town. Early morning before work and thinking I wouldn't run into anyone. Wrong. The police pulled up and I had to explain...classic.


sharona said...

you are so cute! those are pretty great pics! you know how i hate to have my picture taken... remember the napkin on my head at Murphys!? Maybe the secret is the least no one would see! anyway, adorable!

donnaB said... one but the police officers in town. I have to wonder if there are cameras up top and the squad was watching me somewhere wondering "what's that woman doing?"

Kara said...

LOL! That is classic!

You do have great style - you should post an outfit for the day once in a while. :)