Tuesday, November 1, 2011

color me crazy

For people that actually know me, the following scenario will be nothing surprising. For those of you that don't; just enjoy the inside of my brain.

Monday afternoon I was at the local post office in a line of about a dozen people when this song came on:

I begin sizing up the other people in line thinking how great it would be if we could all start rockin out a line dance while we were waiting for the slower than slow post office attendants to call "NEXT!" Dance moves and camera angles were filling my head and I was going to share my youtube viral moment to the young girl in front of me but realized she would most likely label me as psycho. I then realized who I really needed in line with me at that very moment:

DAVID ARQUETTE. If you've seen him on Dancing With The Stars you will totally know where I'm coming from. We all need a David in our lives. And I needed him at the post office.

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