Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Let's have Romy be in charge!

I turn into a seven-teen year old geek in an adults body when I think about my class reunion. I can't help it. I get all giddy and excited to see people that I haven't seen or talked to in the last ten years. Color me "out of your mind" but I just love the get togethers and the chit chat and then you go home and back to real life. It's fun.
Anyways, major disappointment for my reunion. The organizers have decided to have it in November. As in, Thanksgiving weekend November....hellooooooooooo. Does anyone else smell "hell no I'm not fighting the airport crowds, draggin my ass on an overcrowded plane , leavin my family and turkey leftovers to drive in snow and slush ruining my suede boots to see my friends who organized a reunion on the busiest holiday weekend of the year".
I'll keep you posted.

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