Friday, July 27, 2007

Foot Nazi

I had my back to school pedicure with a new nail tech last week. The woman I go to for manicures every other week was super booked and the new place had an opening so I thought "why not?"
I knew I was in trouble when I asked her if I should pick out a color for my toes and she said "No, I'll do that for you. It's my room and I'll pick the color that's best for you" Hmmm...okay..some control issues going on here but hey, she might choose something perfect.
When she started rubbing and scrubbing my feet with the pumice stone I felt like my feet had turned into the catch of the day and she was slapping them around, filleting the guts out, and tearing off the outer flesh. Did this foot Nazi have any idea that this was uncomfortable on my end?
I told her that her massage on my foot was a little painful and she said she was working out the stress in my back. Yes, I know all about reflexology and how your nerves in your feet effect the rest of your body but the pain was totally gone from my back and now in the sole of my foot. What a brute! A beast! I felt like I was with the lady foot wrestler..
After all was said and done I prefer a pedicure that is more relaxing and not medicinal stress relief. My toenail polish is a pretty raspberry...not too bad but I had to take a beating to get it.

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Gina said...

I'll never forget the agony of my first exposure to Reflexology! I was on business in Singapore, and I'd had a long day on my feet. I though -- "oh a foot massage, lovely". GOOD GRIEF-- it was soooo painful. In fact, reading this post brought it all back. I can sympathize.