Saturday, July 7, 2007

Bad Girls

Compared to some of the people I work with I might be considered cool, hip or a little funky. Compared to singer Amy Winehouse, I am vanilla. I am Polly Purebred. I am a wallflower at the grade school dance.
She has got such a thrown together, uber-cool, rebel without a cause vibe about her and you know she would just tell you to take her or leave her..."but if you leave me, you'll never know what you'll be missing."
From an article on
"She has the vocal prodigy bit covered. If words have already worn themselves out trying to describe the horny, sleazy, salty spiritual, worldly wise, late night, tired of bullshit, downtown, flirty, velvet resonance that makes for a great soul-jazz singer they're going to fall apart entirely over Amy."
Her popular song, Rehab,reminds me of poor Britney and her very public meltdown. The only difference is that Winehouse would be openly and honestly wearing the bald. Sometimes, bald is beautiful.

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