Monday, July 16, 2007

Checking my vitals

I have turned into an email addict. I am working on a project this summer that ties me to my computer for great lengths of time and the problem is that I am obsessed with checking my email at any given moment. Yes, I do have lots of email queries in regards to this project but in reality, do most people reply in 45 minutes or less? Actually, I have found that there are those people that react to incoming email like Pavlov's dog...the bell rings and they answer their email. I applaud those people for such quick replies. Thank you (sort of like a drug addict thanking his source, eh?).

Email excites me. I am like the seven year old kid who just found out about this unexplained phenomenon known as the daily mail. Wow! Some person brings these mysterious envelopes once a day addressed to people in your home. Don't you remember how giddy you would be if there was ever a piece of mail for YOU at that age?? That's me...deja vu all over again. Lately, I have been thinking how nice it would be if email only did come once a day just like our good old snail mail...then, I wouldn't have to keep checking my email every hour on the hour.

To rationalize my guilt over this, I must state that I don't surf the Internet looking for this or that or wasting hours on's just the email that throws my train of thought off the tracks when I am supposed to be busy being creative and working.

I know I can kick this habit though...they tried to make me go to rehab, I said no,no, no. Luckily, at my place of employment they have banned any email sites from our computer (thanks Mr. Porn surfer guy) but, it should wean me from this ever consuming addiction when I return in the fall. I won't have mail...I'll just have work.


Slimbolala said...

The first step is admitting your an addict... said...

and I believe it was 4:58 when I read this...I'm doomed.