Thursday, August 18, 2011

what are you wearing?

The dog days of August. It's hot.
I try to do my best to add some *wow* to a Wal-Mart fashion crowd at work (not that there's anything wrong with Wal-Mart...but there are so many other ways to make an interesting and inexpensive wardrobe). My job calls for the basics in wardrobe but I try to put a fun spin with fabrics, jewelry, and (later) lots of jackets and sweaters. These are my *go to* items as of late:
 Modaspia. Love them. The clothes are so well made and the owner Ursula will answer any questions you may have. Her designs are classic, timeless, and will last season to season...amazing quality.
This "Fiji" dress is made of shirt weight denim and isn't over the top expensive for all the fabulous detailing it has. It's a great basic and I can add boots, a sweater over, or a top under and bring it into fall/early winter.
I have a few other pieces from Modaspia in lightweight charcoal wool (soft to the hand) that I wore time and again last year. These classic pieces make my closet feel like I own a french wardrobe...a few pieces go a long way with jewelry and accessories added for variety.
Stripe shirts. Still not tired of them and they just add a smile to your day. I've gotten mine from J.Crew, eBay, Modaspia, Gap and thrift stores.
Shirt dresses. I've been wearing mine with sandals with our heat but will add leggings in the fall and on top of jeans with boots in the winter. What can I say? Style, comfort, and I'm sold. Mine are from CP shades (I find them on eBay at a fraction of the price) and Alternative Apparel (the company I get most of my tshirts from for DOTS so I'm lucky to get them wholesale)
Check shirts. Love them. They make you feel like you are so ready to take on the day. I usually wear mine as is or over a tank but planning on adding a jacket or a plaid shirt on top to mix it up in the fall. Most of mine I have gotten at J.Crew on sale (every once in awhile they've got amazeball sales- keep your eyes open for 40% off sale prices plus free shipping).
What are you wearing to beat the heat?

*modaspia is on etsy too!

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anita said...

off to check out modaspia.
i hate dressing in august. bring on fall!!