Monday, August 15, 2011

time flies...

Many moons ago I wrote a series of children's books (The Cupcakes Club) inspired by a group of  girls at the elementary school where I work.
From first grade to fifth grade I would look forward to seeing the girls return each fall and enjoy the friendship that they all shared with each other. They were delightful and it was sad to say goodbye to them as they moved on to middle school.
The good thing about living in a relatively small town is that every so often you get to run into some of your favorite kids and Michaela is one of them.
Such a sweet girl and when I mentioned Dressing on the Side t-shirts and if she ever wanted to model("yes! yes! SO cool!) it was a blast from the past to spend some time with her. Isn't it amazing how a few years can change a face? a body? The great thing is that Michaela's joie de vivre is just as infectious as it always was.
Oh? did I just speak french? Take a look at our new shirt and say "bonjour" to BonBon Candies.


audrey and josh said...

that's crazy. and scary. ruby, don't grow up!!!

Rolerkite said...

the shirt turned out adorable. Michela is so pretty. I can't believe that's what 9th graders look like these days. I'm such an old lady.