Sunday, August 28, 2011

weekend pics

What a jam packed weekend we had. We gave daughter and her husband a night away in Napa while we got the gift of staying and getting to know more about Ruby (or "RubyBird" as I like to call her). The blue eyes this girl's got will melt the heart of anyone that's having a bad day...

Lots of "read to me" time by Papa John

and lots of fun at parks and playgrounds with the Bird.

You know you're a good grandpa when you cram your 6foot+ frame into a child-sized slide.

Ruby really started her groove in walking in early August and these Keens are easy to get on and off and look so cute in this size!
Audrey and Josh with Ruby. Sunday morning was spent at the farmer's market ...amazing. Trying to catch a photo of a constantly moving Ruby along with her mom and dad is near to impossible.

So many fruit and vegetable stands along with pastries, hummus, and so many more delicious things to try. Our town is sadly lacking in the variety of produce in our area offered at our farmer's market and we enjoy seeing (and tasting..the pluots were incredible!) everything offered.

have a great week ahead!


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

looks and sounds like a perfect weekend! ruby's baby blues are heart-melting!

sharon said...

adorable! those blue eyes! those dahlias! John on the slide with Ruby-bird!

Appletree said...


Kara said...

awww so cute!!