Wednesday, August 10, 2011

puppy puzzle

Puppy Puzzle from benson on Vimeo.
When we got Lola we knew she could have the possibility of being an intelligent dog. Everyone says it's the poodle in the goldendoodle that gives her the smarts so we knew we would have to be on our toes to keep her mind busy as well as her growing body.
Lola is 4 months old now and caught on really quick to her first interactive dog puzzle (Dog Magic) and now the Dog Brick. There's quite a few of the Nina Ottosson thinking dog toys and it is fun to see your dog figure them out so chances are we'll get more to amuse Lola (and us). They're durable, easy to clean and available on Amazon if you're looking for your pup to go back to school.
ps. and yes; I am a stage mother.

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Rolerkite said...

i think drake would just eat the whole puzzle.