Friday, July 8, 2011

summer style

Summer means salads around here. Ina Garten made her Roasted Salmon Nicoise the other day (she subs out the tuna for salmon) and I thought it looked delicious...and yes, it was!
Salmon, fresh haricots verts (sounds so much nicer than green beans, oui?), potatoes, hardboiled eggs, olives...all the goods. The recipe is party size so  cutting it down was necessary unless we wanted to eat Salad Nicoise for the rest of the week.
Husband appreciates the good food he gets around here but questioned the whole Nicoise presentation business. "Why not just have a piece of salmon with a side of potatoes and a green salad?" Sacre American. 

And speaking of parties and food...Happy Birthday to our dear daughter Audrey today! The world is a much brighter and more wonderful place with you in it.  


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