Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bastille Day

                   Our French cousin, Clement, came to visit us during the summer many years ago. He was surprised by all the flags, the wearing of red white and blue, and fireworks that came with our July 4th celebration in comparison to France's Bastille Day. Vive La France to be understated and have the laissez-faire attitude about such a day...
When Clement left to return to his home in Provence he had to make room for "special" American treats. Tucked safely inside his suitcase were boxes of lime jello (this is what he chose from the dessert buffet line in Las Vegas when we brought him there to "experience" real America ) and cans of Hersheys Chocolate Syrup ("my mother has to melt the chocolate and add the takes so long.") He also convinced his parents to buy a microwave upon his return. Vive L'America!

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