Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Glamover for the hall bath

Emily Henderson of HGTV Secrets of a Stylist used this wallpaper (Petal Pusher designed by Joy Cho of "Oh Joy" blog fame)  in one of her shows and I fell in love with the bold pattern, glamorous color and hint of sparkle.
Unfortunately I didn't take 'before" shots but the bathroom was a golden yellow which darkened the entire space (no window; only a small chandelier)and I had a cabinet above the toilet. This weekend husband repainted and helped with the wallpaper installation.  
It only took two strips to do the back wall but when husband was frustrated by the end of the second strip I gently reminded him that I wallpapered entire rooms while nursing a child and taking care of a toddler in the 80's. I am woman. Hear me roar.
A little history: when we bought this house this bathroom never existed. It was a storage closet with shelves on both sides...very strange. We knew it would be tight but a hall bath was needed. The streamlined cabinet I found on ebay and we had a small sink made in Mexico to fit and had the faucet put on the wall to save space.


anita said...

I love that wallpaper! Nice job.

Kara said...

Looks great!!

missmehoneybee said...

I totally love it. Great job!