Monday, July 11, 2011


I lovingly gave Ruby the pet name of  "Bird" or "RubyBird" because of her petite sweet size when she was born and now it's a term of endearment from me to her. I don't know how long the name will last but I had Katie from SkunkBoy Creatures create a "RubyBird" for her so she will always be gently reminded of this special time and the joy she brought with her entrance into the world.
Katie is a self taught textile artist and does amazing detailed work on just about any animal you can imagine. I was lucky enough to snap up a couple of Christmas ornaments for my son and his girlfriend during the holiday season...they go quick! She's not taking any custom orders to date but bookmark her for future queries...she's a delight to work with.
I never had a nickname when I was growing up. I was given the name "starbaby" in college when I was the wide-eyed, spacey girl trying to figure it all out but that only lasted freshman year. What about you?

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Kara said...

I never had a nickname either.

In college we ended up calling most of my girlfriends by their last names because of duplicate "Lisa's" and "Lori's" and "Melissa's" - I just ran into one of them over the weekend and even though she is married now she will always be "Wilson" to me. :)