Thursday, April 15, 2010

sunny with a chance of fabulous

The kids at my school are doing state tests this week.
Administering the rules and regulations to fifth graders is like a truth serum for declaration of any and all electrical appliances that the kids are not supposed to have ("I admit it...I have a cell phone in my backpack...and an iPod that okay?should I put them on your desk?" ).
There was a moment while reading the scripted test rules for the sixth time in three days that I wanted to add, "Bueller" "Bueller"...but, considering I would be the only one to giggle; I held it in.
BUT--the good news is that it is an AMAZINGLY wonderful sunny day and everyone seems to be mellow and relaxed during recess and any free time they are given. At present, I plugged in a little "Beatles" on Pandora , opened a few of my windows, and am enjoying the rays until the bell rings and we start the testing treadmill tomorrow.

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