Wednesday, March 31, 2010

would you? could you?

These backdrops from Castle Gibson seen on Beefy's blog would be SO AMAZING for a photo shoot...but could you actually live with the bohemian chic, torn and tattered look? I'd like to say I could...but I'd most likely have my paint swatches out after a week or two.


Alexsandria said...

Oh I completely could! These rooms are wonderful!
My last place had book pages up on the walls as wallpaper. On one wall I ripped most of the paper down leaving a lot of it tattered and forgotten looking on the wall. It was my favorite part of my place.

Design Darling said...

i hate to say it but there's no way i could. maybe for a weekend but then i'd have to start making changes! definitely a great spot for a photo shoot though :)

Kara said...

Pretty for pictures but I think I it would drive me CRAZY in real life.

its simple love said...

I have to say I love it for a photo shoot as well... But I'd never have the look in my home. Nope.