Friday, March 12, 2010

spring break

I'm one of the lucky ones who get to enjoy spring break even beyond college years. Working for the school district does have some perks...and this is one of them.

For my spring break, husband and I will be traveling to Santa Cruz California where we rented a beach house to throw a baby shower for our daughter and her husband.

Hoping for some warm sun to relax and enjoy these with the family that will be arriving. Don't you love the folding doors? Bring the sunshine indoors...hello spring!

We're a talented bunch and will be cooking for the event from here...I love checking out someone else's kitchen. What about you? Do you get to enjoy a week off sometime this month?


ashlina said...

that sounds like a blast! i absolutely love santa cruz....excited for you


Kara said...

Although we have spring break, since I'm an administer at my college I will be working. Only profs and kids enjoy the time off.

I don't mind - it's nice to get things done and enjoy the quiet of the office.

Have a great time! K