Tuesday, March 30, 2010


okay,okay...stick a big,fat "L" on my forehead for watching DWTS (and now I'm an uber-loser because I abbreviated Dancing With The Stars like we're close and personal friends) BUT--
check out the PONYTAIL on Nicole Scherzinger (of PussyCat Dolls fame)...I die. And would I push people to the floor, run over them with high heels if she were giving away that body of hers...yes I would.


Alexsandria said...

My ex-boyfriend is a recording engineer and he was working with Nicole for a while. He had an obvious crush on her (duh), but I always had a feeling she was flirting back based on the way he spoke of her being so much "nicer" than all the rest of the clients at the recording studio. It worried me because my ex is a very attractive man.
I remember being in an electronics store and seeing her dancing at a live concert and thinking, "how the hell can I compete with that?".

my favorite and my best said...

i totally watch this show too. she is great, but it's COMPLETELY unfair. she has a major advantage and that is that SHE CAN DANCE!!!
but can we talk about that soap star for a minute? who is he and why is he in all of my fantasies now??