Wednesday, March 24, 2010

reinvented vinyl

are these just the coolest? okay, okay...not to the grocery store or schlepping the kids to school ...but if you're out and about and want that great accessory and showstopper. I know I had the Madonna album and I've been told more than once the resemblance to Carly and who can forget their crush on Rick Springfield?
From Reinvented Vinyl's etsy profile:
"A few years ago, I begin the arduous process of constructing a purse from a castoff record album. Many trials, tribulations, bad designs and hours in consultation with friends and family later -- ReInvented Vinyl was born. Giving birth to a child was easier.
Like most Wonder Women, I construct purses part time, squeezing out one purse at a time in my studio. There are never enough hours in the day. "They are hard to make!" said my friend Kim O'Neill. "You are the Master of the Obvious," I replied. But I forge on, in hopes that like-minded Wonder Women will see, appreciate, and BUY my record album purses on Etsy."
Which one would you get?


Tammy@InStitches said...

These are very cool, I'm a fan of the plain yellow one ! Please tell me it's not Wham.

Patty said...

These are awesome! I think I'll go with the Springsteen ;)

Kara said...

I would have to say Madonna. I just love that Like a Virgin cover.