Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Santa Cruz Spring Break

We met in Santa Cruz to throw a baby shower but who knew we would have so much fun on the boardwalk? It was the perfect place for a Dressing On The Side photo shoot (also perfect in that the rides were not open as of yet; no swarms of cotton candy fist filled sweaty people; and no missing teeth carnies were around...not saying that all carnivals have missing teeth carnies...but I'm just sayin).


my favorite and my best said...

great pics!! great camera i suspect.
the t shirt you sent me shrunk in the wash and now will not fit over my giant boobs. sads. i wanted to pose in it for you but i don't think it would be good for business. mike looks great in his though. fiona's is slightly large, more like a dress than a shirt. but they are super duper soft!! now fiona wears mine as a night shirt.
you are beyond awesome to have sent them though. :))))

Kara said...

What fun pics!!! Looks like a great time was had by all!