Tuesday, June 12, 2007

To bidet or not to bidet

It must be said. I went to Europe...of course, it had to come up. I don't have one and color me curious I wanted to know more about them. Although I knew what they were (I must admit, the first trip to Europe had me do the double take) I had decided that this trip I was going to conquer this mystery. The bidet.
Jokes were tossed about doing the laundry in it, not to rinse your toothbrush in it, and the luxury of having another sink in your hotel room but I had done my research dear reader. So, how necessary is it to one's way of life?
It's a cultural thing I would say. We like our Starbucks...they like to linger in the cafes. They stop and smell the roses while we tend to run right by them. Automatic cars are the norm for America and not so much over there. And for the bidet? They like to bathe after utilizing the lower portions of their body while we tend to call for Mr. Whipple. It's quick. It's easy. That's what we're about.
Is paper better than a quick shower? Will middle America ever ask where the bidet is at the local Holiday Inn? I don't think so. Kind of like a vacation...nice place to visit but you can't really see yourself living there.

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Candid Cool said...

ha! i remember that clip