Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brad who?

I gotta tell you....Ocean's 13 will probably not be nominated for any theatrical awards but it could be nominated for lots of attractive men. George Clooney has got to be my favorite bringing a sort of Cary Grantness to the film...he's fun to watch and it's true....this guy is definitely getting better looking as he's getting older.

Which brings me to another thought I've had lately...what's up with these women wanting to be "cougars" in our society?? I think it's great if you look fabulous for your age but why would you want to go after the twenty year old man when you've got men like George that are your age and that you'll have much more in common with. I think the same applies to men as well dating women that are half or more of their age. I get it. They're young, beautiful, but don't you want more than just looks? Don't you want a conversation, some history, some point of view? Don't you want someone that knows what an "album" was or a "typewriter" or who John Lennon was? (okay...I was going to say Donna Summer or The Monkees but you would have winced)
Eye candy...easy on the eyes and no calories. Seems sort of tasteless to me.

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