Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A funny thing happened on the way to the pool

Swimming pools sing summer. Kids love to splash, adults like to swim, and everyone likes to cool off.
If you have your own backyard pool..great...this isn't directed toward you. It's those Petri dishes of community pools that I loathe and disgust.
It is hard for me to fathom how one has the temptation to swim in this mass of germs and human oils collected into a body of water known as the neighborhood pool. It totally reminds me of the Roman times and the baths they had created where everyone would go to commune, to share, to...ewwwww. It just totally grosses me out.
I know, I know...I can hear you telling me of the chemicals, the chlorine, blah,blah,blah...doesn't matter. All these human bodies sharing one body of water just wigs me out.
Some may call it a neuroses not being able to swim in a pool inhabited by unknowns. I can honestly say that I don't force others to follow my opinion on this and I allow them to use their own free will.
When my kids were younger (and obviously could swim) I would take them to the pool, sit in the lounge chair with lots of sun protection on and enjoy my time protected from the elements while they enjoyed carousing, splashing, and frolicking in the pool. Afterwards they would wonder why I insisted they take a shower and to scrub themselves clean when they returned home. Happy Summer.

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