Monday, May 3, 2010

the long and winding road

thinking up an idea can be a *snap*, this-is-it, amazing ,"I've got it!" sort of thing or it can be quite the journey.
I'm an idea person.
My usual line after my husband says, "that's a great idea" is "I've got a million of them."
It's true and that can also be a problem.
There are times when you think you have the best idea ever but when some things don't exactly fall into place the way you thought they would, the idea takes a right turn onto a country road where it's difficult to get back on the freeway again but you are enjoying the, you may as well stay for awhile and see where this goes.
I think there are times as a creative person when you think...I'm not sure I'm ready to take this creative road trip again but most of the time you're up for a new adventure.
What about you? Is it quick and easy or is it the "hold on...this is going to be a bumpy ride" path to creating?


Aut said...

Well, it depends. Sometimes it's that "snap" and sometimes it's a fight, but the fight's sometimes more enjoyable because the final creation is even more rewarding.
I can paint in a snap. I write fighting. I'm moving my whole life to another country soon and that idea was somewhere between a snap and a fight.

Kara said...

I think I make a snap decision when I can see it. If I can't visualize it then I take my time.

Sometimes a new adventure is so worth it - even if it doesn't work out the way you had planned. :)