Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother of Mother's Day

Welcome to the world Miss Ruby Sophia Dunlop! Our daughter and her husband were blessed with the birth of a little girl on Tuesday, May 4th, but it took over 48 hours for the sweet one to be given a name...they just wanted it to be the perfect fit.

So now we have to deal with the name " grandma". Just the sound of it and the way our country portrays a "grandma" is not my style (obviously I've formed an opinion from those media portrayals we've seen) So, I did some research of what a few other countries call the grandest of mothers:

Afrikaans- ouma
Belarusen -babka
Croatian -baba
Czech -babicka
Danish- bedstemoder
Dutch -grootmoeder
Finnish- mummo
French- grand-mère
Frisian (spoken in Germany and the Netherlands) beppe
German- Oma
Greek- gigia
Hawiian- Kupuna wahine
Hungarian -nagyanya
Italian- nonna
Latin- Avunculus
Maltese -nanna
Mapunzugun- kuku
Maori- kuia
Odawa (Canadian Indian) nookmis
Ojibwe (Canadian Indian) nookomis
Polish -BABKA
Portuguese -avó
Romanian BUNICA
Slovenian- stara mama
Spanish -Abuela
Swahili -bibi
Swedish- FARMOR
Ukranian -babusia
Urdu- dadi
Yiddish -BOBE

I'm leaning toward the italian "nonna" (pronounced noh-nah) What did you call your grandparents? Or, what do your kids call your parents?


Rolerkite said...

My mom was a young granny and wasn't ready for the grandma stigma. She goes by Jo-ma. Her first name is Joann.

As for my step-dad, he's never had children of his own, so it was probably even stranger being a grandpa for him, the kiddos call him Scottpa

I wish you would have chosen nookomis from the list :)

Aut said...

My mother was a young grandma too and though ready to embrace the term, got stuck for a few years with "Mamma" (rhymes with gamma) by the grandchild herself. I think that sounds older than "grandma."

I also like Nonna!

my favorite and my best said...


my mom's mom was "granny franny". she rocked!!!
my dad's mom was just grandma..

but fiona calls my mom "nana"
and mike's mom "gigi".

Kara said...

My grandmother was Nana and my mom was Mema.


Cathy said...

My grands call me Mimi. I love it.

Anonymous said...

Pick something you love because soon that will be you you are to the whole world.....children, grandchildren friends and relatives. I'm Nanna, i love it...

Anonymous said...

When I was younger "Nanny or Nanna" Now that I am older I call her "Nan"