Sunday, December 6, 2009


I love the idea of snow and I feel a little dreamy seeing these lovely images of snow...but the reality.
The reality is I suck at driving in the snow and trying to pull out of my driveway with a teensy tiny incline makes my Jeep spin its tires while my husband can zip right out.
But- I do love the look of falling snow and the hope that maybe...maybe...they'll be a two hour delay at my school? Hot cocoa anyone?
images:fffound, deviantart


vicki archer said...

Love the look too and as it doesn't snow here too often, so when it does happen I am just happy to sit by and watch all day....Cocoa does sounds good, xv.

Kara said...

Me too. The idea is great - the reality sucks! I'm hoping for a snow day tomorrow or Wednesday. Of course they never cancel college classes unless it's just incredibly horrible. And from the sounds of it - I just might get one.

MyLittleHappyPlace said...

Don't get to see it too much, myself, but when I do, it feels magical.
Darling, DARLING blog you have! Cheers!

Kara said...

Guess what - snow day today!! Of course a foot of snow will do that. Hope you are having a snow day too. :)