Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas confessions

Christmas is all about peace, joy, and throw in a few surprise gifts to keep you on your toes. Must be the control freak gene in me or the surprise gifts that my parents would give me that always seemed to rock my boat(how many ugly Christmas sweaters can a 12 year old wear?!)
When I was younger I would go through hell and highwater to find out the contents of a box peacefully waiting under a tree with my name on it. Sounds awful doesn't it...but as I look back I think I wanted to be sure I could smile at the ugly sweater (that people pleaser tendency) all the while having a pre-conceived plan in my head of how it would be returned for the coolest button up fly pants I had ever spyed at Casual Corner.

I think I'm getting better now (I'll most likely tell you that it's an ugly sweater)and my husband can actually keep my presents out instead of keeping them under lock and key. It may help that he's learned to get exactly what on my list to soothe the curiosity beast inside of me.
And you like surprises?


AppleTree said...

I like good surprises, but the mister is not too good at it. Last year I got lip balm, and itunes in my stocking. seriously.

Kara said...

I love surprises. An old boyfriend actually added pennies to the box my present was in to throw me off one year. The only problem was - I didn't touch that present until we opened them together.