Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

When my kids were little we never really did the sew up an amazing costume (um...could be because I don't sew) or go over the top Halloweening. The kids went to a Christian school and to be honest you always felt like you were doing something "forbidden" if you mentioned Halloween or "trick or treating" to other parents or teachers.
There were always "alternative" parties--the "hallelujah" party or "harvest" gathering - but as a parent, you like to see your kids do the same things you used to do when you were growing up. So, they would end up knocking on doors and beg for candy from strangers in the neighborhood just like our generation and the one before (sounds sort of silly, doesn't it?!)
However you may celebrate this Halloween, hope you get more treats than tricks this weekend!


vicki archer said...

Happy Halloween to you....xv

Carla said...

Happy Halloween, the Marais was crazy with more zombies than I ever seen. So creative and scary. Carla x

Joanna Goddard said...

that's so funny! :) we lived in england for a while when i was little, and they don't really celebrate halloween, so we knocked on our neighbor's door and they gave us cake from the fridge :)